Meg Robinson Music

Melodic Harp Music--Easy to Play, Appealing to Audiences

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“Meg has the most unique quality in her compositions....there is a beauty and serenity that is really sort of soul- stirring....she must be a person with a beautiful soul....there is kind of a spiritual component to the harp, anyway, and her music is unlike any I've come across....”

        From a Michigan-based harpist

“Just wanted to let you know that I've been playing  ‘Scottish Twilight.’  I really love the melody.  I've just listened to  ‘Plums,’ and will be ordering to continue my ‘Meg’ collection.  I'm an adult beginner/intermediate student, and have a therapy, lever and pedal harp.  These are lovely melodies.”     

            From a harpist in Southern California

“I often end up choosing one of your pieces to start out a program because they are lovely and make a great introduction and because I feel comfortable playing them.  ‘Reflections’ or ‘Melancholy’ are two of your pieces that fit the bill.  They are not too long and serve as great warm-up pieces. My favorite piece of yours is ‘Reflections’.  I love going back to it, to see if it is as beautiful as I remembered and it always is. Your new piece ‘Fate’ is so lovely. It's turned into another one of my favorite pieces. It seems to tell a story with the different musical themes, as if it should be the background music for a romance novel or a romantic movie. ‘Fate’ will be an excellent piece for teachers to use because it includes various techniques such as arpeggios, glissandos and trills. ‘Latin Lullaby’ has been a handy addition to my repertoire since so few folk harp pieces have such a strong but intricate Latin rhythm.  I've performed ‘Melancholy’ several times.  What I like about it is the length and that it is dramatic and then has a gentle ending.  Keep up the great work of creating new pieces that are lovely, but very playable.  Beginners (and intermediates) will be thrilled to have your book ‘Plums.’  The pieces are charming, fresh and quite playable.  When I was first playing the pieces in the ‘Plums’ collection I was so intrigued at how you came up with such beautiful endings.”

            From a harpist in Maryland

“ I'm very excited.  I enjoy your music because it is not hard and it sounds good.  My favorite is still ‘Dance of the Night.’  I played it last year for my group lesson.  I also played it last summer at our high school marching band camp.  I was a camp counselor and played it in the talent show.  Most of the kids have never seen a harp before, so it was fun to play for them.  They loved it.”  

            From a harpist in Michigan

“Your music has been well-received out here in the Northwest.  I especially use it for some of my adult students. Could you send me a copy of your ‘Dance of the Harps’ ensemble piece? I direct a 30 harp ensemble here, with players ranging from 8 to senior citizen.”

         From a well-known professional harpist in Washington state

“I have learned ‘Falling Snow,’ and really enjoy playing it.  It's one of my relaxation pieces.  There's something about the arrangement that is soothing to play.  (not sure my family agrees, as they have heard it quite a bit!)”   

            From a harpist in Athens, Georgia

“I just bought your ‘Reflections’ and ‘Latin Lullaby’ and while I was playing it in the store,  several people came by and asked what that was.  Very, very nice!”  

            From a harpist in Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I had a great pleasure learning ‘Falling Snow.’  I enjoyed the piece very much, did a little personalizing, and it is a favorite of mine.”  

            From a harpist in Fairfax, Virginia

“I'm sure everybody will enjoy ‘Dance of the Harps.’ I am enjoying Falling Snow & Scottish Twilight. Have not tackled any of the other ones, but several of your compositions are on my "to do"  list.”

        From a harpist in Cornelius, North Carolina

“When we finished ‘Dance of the Harps’ at the Celtic Festival, we got a standing ovation.”

            From a harpist in Chicago, Illinois

“Your music is beautiful.”  

            From a harpist in Greenville, N.C.

“I adore what you compose!”   

            From a harpist in Paris, France

“I am the proud owner of many of your pieces. When I perform ‘Fate,’ I will introduce your piece and tell the audience how thankful I am and honored to play it. I would love to get my harp group to  learn ‘DANCE OF THE HARPS’...this is such a wonderful piece of music.”

           From a harpist in northern Germany

“Just want to let you know that my students and I really enjoy playing your music. Especially the adult student and teenagers, the pieces are both challenging and relaxing for students of different levels. Hope you keep on composing!  I will promote your work here in the Netherlands as often as I can.

            From a Dutch harpist